iCademe – changing the way academe and research works

Welcome to iCademe.

iCademe is a professional networking project changing the way that academics and researchers interact with each other across the world. Unlike traditional tools iCademe is based on human interactions and relationships.

iCademe is due for official launch on 31 March 2012. Members will be able to post their own landing pages, raising their professional profiles and allow networks to be developed in a controlled manner.

Do you want to let other professionals to be able to find you? Do you want to let others see what work you’ve published or are working on? Do you want to be able to find others are working on in your fields on interest? Do you want to raise your profile and develop a professional network? Do you want to search for other opportunities?

If you are undertaking any type of research or work within academe you will benefit from becoming a member. It’s free.

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